Soak away stress

Crank up those bath jets, baby. Josie Feria, of Miami’s water-centric Lapis spa, spills her secret recipe for procuring the ultimate time in the tub.

Baths are hot these days. People are flooding water-park-like Korean spas, while countless hotels — from the St. Regis in San Francisco to the Four Seasons in the Maldives — employ bath butlers. There are even entire spas devoted to bathing rituals and the healing properties of water, such as Lapis, a hydro-centric spa inside Miami Beach’s posh Fontainebleau hotel. "Water is so beneficial because of the variety of ways it helps you relax — physically, mentally and then emotionally," says Josie Feria, director of spa operations. "The warmth eases muscles, and, because you become more buoyant in water, it takes pressure off of your body." As for the mental part, where better to quietly meditate and destress than the relative distraction-less quiet of your bathroom and solitude of the tub? (Just be sure to not invite your Blackberry or iPad.)

Ready to be reborn a bath addict? Click through the gallery above for Feria’s tips and must-haves for creating the ultimate soaking experience.

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