Q&A with The Sartorialist

Street-style pioneer Scott Schuman on weight-lifting, Giorgio Armani and the wardrobe item he can't live without.

When historians set out to chronicle the history of blogging, Scott Schuman's The Sartorialist will earn a top entry. Being captured by Schuman's camera on the streets of New York, Stockholm, Milan, Paris, London or Berlin is a fashion world badge of honor, and his daily posts do as much to inspire trends as traditional glossies. We chatted with the man behind the lens, who lives in Manhattan with fellow famous-blogger girlfriend Garance Dore, about working out, flying first-class and traveling the world.

Typical workout:
I used to run a lot back in the ‘90s (I ran the NYC marathon twice). But I just turned 44, and I’ve found that my body responds a lot better to lifting weights, so I’ve been running a lot less and lifting more.

Why he struggles to keep up a routine while traveling:
You never know what the gyms in Europe will be like. They understand the beauty of working out, so the places are very beautiful, but they’re not really functional. It’s as if interior designers put the gyms together, not people who have ever exercised.

Biggest vice:
Ice cream. Any kind.

What we’d be surprised to find in his refrigerator:

Where he feels most at home:
On our couch. I’ve got my books, got my TV, got my lady ..

What’s on his bucket list:
I haven’t made one. Maybe I’m an optimist. But if I’m able to keep doing what I’m doing for another 40 years, I'll be satisfied.

His style icons:
Cary Grant for his gracefulness and physicality in his style. And Giorgio Armani is both a style icon and an inspiration in terms of fitness. The guy is 75 or older and looks like he’s 50. He’s about the same age as Karl Lagerfeld, and he’s so much more spry and physical. He should do some kind of "how to stay in such good shape" book.

His favorite healthy meal:
That’s the one thing I have to be better at. The naked burrito is okay at Chipotle, right?

His latest obsession:
I’ve been working out more and am in better shape. So I’ve been buying more clothes, trying different stuff and having more fun with fashion than I’ve had lately. Not clothes that are body-conscious but more shape-conscious.

What he’s totally over:
Flying coach.

What book is on his bedside table:
Whatever one Garance is reading. I don’t read that much before I go to bed.

Whose work he has hanging in his home:
We’re just starting to buy more photographs. We have August Sander, Bruce Weber and two by Andy Warhol. I’d rather wait and buy some that are meaningful to me.

The wardrobe item he can’t live without:
Blue shirts. I’m not the kind of guy that wears black. A dark navy shirt can be sporty during the day with jeans or more dressed up at night. It’s a core piece.

His advice for the unphotogenic:
Well, that’s definitely me. I’d say pull attention to the part of your body that you like the most, whether it’s with a great bag, an amazing pair of heels, a scarf …

If he didn’t live in New York, he’d live:
In Italy. They’ve got all the good stuff.

The best gift he’s ever received:
My kids.

What his kids would say about him:
They’d be like, "whatever." That’s their answer for almost everything right now.

What totally relaxes him:
Having everyone I love in one place.

His number one reason for taking care of his body:
I really enjoy my life right now, and I’d like to keep that going for a long time.

Message he’d send to the world with one request. (Only catch: It has to be 140 characters or less):
We’re all in it together.
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