Week 2: Change the shape of your body

Try the second installment of our master trainer's 4-week physique overhaul.

Last week, Tier 4 trainer Josh Stolz debuted an exclusive 4-week plan designed to measurably change the shape of your body. If you missed it, go back and start with week one, then move on to week 2:

The Details: Follow the 7-day protocol strictly — there is a method to the madness — then return to Q each Monday for the next week’s play-by-play. (The moves get harder each week.)

The Plan:

The Equipment: A kettlebell, ViPR, box/step and a stability ball.

The Circuit:Click through the slideshow above or download the pdffor this week's moves. Do 10 reps of each exercise and complete the circuit 3 times, resting for one minute between each circuit.

The Philosophy:Stolz uses a progression model for strength training, so as you move into week two, he manipulates the programming slightly by adding more instability to each movement, increasing the repetitions and decreasing the amount of rest you take after completing each circuit. "Again, it's about applying just enough change to the routine so that you don't plateau, but not completely abandoning the movement patterns your body is just beginning to know," says Stolz, "That's what gets you results. It's a common misconception that in order to progress you need to completely change your routine."

What does remain the same is speed of movement. Remember to use slower movements eccentrically — loading toward the body — and faster movements going concentrically — when you push away from your body. "In general, the more time muscles spend under tension, the more muscle fibers you'll activate," he says, "so muscles will grow more quickly, and you'll see better results."

Take the moves with you. Download the week two strength circuit pdf.

Just tuning in? Get started with week one's plan.

Ready for more? Move on to week three.

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