Behind the lens: Ami Barwell

The preeminent rock 'n' roll photographer on her raw and intimate images.

Name an influencer in modern rock 'n' roll and they've found themselves on the other side of Ami Barwell's camera lens. Radiohead. The White Stripes. You name it. Over 13 years of tours, album covers and magazine spreads, the London-based Barwell has defined her gritty, gripping style, and earned her place as the world's leading rock 'n' roll photographer. "My favorite part is getting the chance to capture legends and idols and perfect moments, be it the sparkle in someone's eye on an intimate portrait shoot, or capturing the raw sex appeal of that one thrust during a live show," she says. Barwell's profession demands an impressive physicality as she documents every electric minute in the sweatiest spot outside of a fitness club: A rock star's stage. Here, she shares the stories behind a few of her favorite shots:

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