Behind the lens: Rami Hanafi

The photographer documents the freedom, fearlessness and raw beauty of snowboarding.

For photographer Rami Hanafi, capturing pro snowboarders is the ultimate collaboration. Collaboration with the terrain, the elements and, of course, the athletes themselves. The result of these often unpredictable forces is an awe-inspiring depiction of bodies in motion. "For me, the most inspiring thing about snowboarders is their dedication, but at the same time their ability to live in the moment and enjoy life," explains the Tampere, Finland-based photographer, who travels from one snowy corner of the globe to another shooting world renowned riders for the likes of ESPN and Billabong. "The travels are always a journey of the unknown. You have great expectations but you can't be sure how the snow will be. If the conditions are bad you need to use an extra level of creativity to make it happen. The kind of energy and open minds that those guys and girls have helps a lot in that process." Click through the slideshow below for Hanafi's shots and the stories behind them.

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