Shore up your next getaway

Beach Tomato's Tom Marchant shares which off-the-beaten-path beaches to jet to this summer.

Beach season is marked by freedom, simplicity and the kind of deep exhale that is only possible in the vicinity of sand and surf. And it is upon us. “There is something very primal and elemental about the beach," says Tom Marchant, co-founder of luxury beach travel site BeachTomato. "The end of our lands, the edges of oceans that lead to new places and new adventures. It makes people feel wistful, excited, relaxed and disconnected.”

Of course, the universality of beach-induced bliss means that you won't be the only one claiming a plot of sand. Not to worry. As your hometown beach gets increasingly more overrun, consider Marchant's criteria — and suggestions — for a far-flung shore worth discovering. “I like to feel that the beach I am enjoying is as it was created," he says, "Natural, raw, undeveloped. Where the earth meets the ocean and you get to play, relax, dream, escape and more along that special edge." Click through the slideshow above for Marchant's top picks for escaping a host of Equinox cities. Then, book a trip. The special edge awaits.

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