A little sprint never hurt anyone

We’re all about high-intensity interval training. Here's one more reason why even just a single sprint matters.

Think a single sprint won’t make a difference? Think again. A study published in Metabolism – Clinical and Experimentalrevealed that a single extended sprint (ES) can increase both insulin sensitivity and fat oxidation. (Fat oxidation refers to the body breaking down fat molecules to be used for energy). In a small study of ten overweight men around age 26, researchers compared the effects of an ES to a single session of sprint interval training (SIT, which broke down into four maximal 30-second sprints with 4.5 minutes of recovery). The results showed that fat oxidation in the fastest state were increased by 68% in SIT and 38% in ES. Clearly, a session of sprint interval training is more beneficial, but if you’re in a time crunch, tacking on just one maximal sprint will do you good in the long run.

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