Unzipped: Dannijo

The sisters behind the highly coveted jewelry line share their approach to workout glam.

Sisters Jodie and Danielle Snyder, also known as the jewelry geniuses behind Dannijo, have more in common than genetics and a successful business. For one, their shared approach to fitness. Both prefer the hard-meets-soft combination of boxing and Pilates, which provide the energy and endurance to take their brand to the next level. Before today's Fall 2014 presentation at New York Fashion Week, the sisters Snyder shared the essentials they count on in the ring, on the mat, and beyond.

dannijo bag

"I use a black Dannijo stingray bowling bag. It goes with everything so I can take it with me to whatever meeting I'm running to from the gym."
- Danielle
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lululemon + nike cropped leggings

"I love the idea of printed pants but let's face it, everyone looks better in black leggings. Plus I never get sick of them. I'm looking for a new brand so let me know if you have any ideas..." - Jodie

adidas boxing shoes

"Lightweight and well designed. Even when I'm at the gym I want to love my gear."- Danielle
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vintage concert tees

"Danielle and I cut them up for the perfect workout tee." - Jodie


"Music makes a workout. I love the classic pump-it-ups; Drake, The Weekend, Jay-Z, Dr Dre, Tupac, Rihanna, Beyoncé and Janet Jackson."
- Danielle

mulberry & vine turmeric jalapeno lemonade

"I always stop at Mulberry & Vine after boxing. It's the perfect pick-me-up." - Jodie
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nirvana coconut water with pulp

"Keeps you energized and it's not loaded with artificial flavors or added sugar." - Danielle
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