Meet the fit front row

As Fashion Month winds down, industry tastemakers explain how they stay healthy and energized amidst the whirlwind.

When your schedule involves dinner parties, early morning runway shows, and traveling between New York, London, Milan, and Paris in a single month, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging. And yet so many of today's fashion It girls, editors, designers, and tastemakers are wholly dedicated to living well. Here, they share their tried and true tips.

kerry pieri, harper’s bazaar <br> senior digital editor

“My husband Steve Macari is a holistic nutritionist and has co-opted my health plan this week with a regimen of extra vitamin C with grape seed extract (an antioxidant). I'm taking it throughout the day since it leaves your system quickly, plus another immune boosting supplement that I can't pronounce. I also try my best to still get my eight hours!”
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danielle prescod, <br> elle.com fashion editor

“I can be a huge couch potato. I love to veg out, especially after a long day of shows, but pre-fashion week this season, I worked out every single night. I am also not opposed to burning some calories and scoring some endorphins with a solo dance party.”
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danielle and jodie snyder,<br> dannijo designers

“We are pretty obsessed with boxing and pilates these days. They offset each other. You always need a yin and a yang.”
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annie georgia greenberg,<br> refinery29 style editor

"The only healthy tip I have is to drink lots and lots of water. There's really no wrong time to hydrate: at every meal, in between meals, and of course before you go to bed after a long night out. It's great for your skin, for your body, and for your energy levels. There's a reason why we're comprised of this stuff. It's good for us!"
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natalie joos, tales of endearment

“Stock up on green juices and carry one with you when you leave the house every morning. I have no time for the gym or sleep for that matter, so the only way to survive is to eat well and be cautious.”
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rebecca taylor, designer

“I think of being a designer like being a long distance athlete. I used to be the fried chicken sandwich girl and I was like vitamins? Whatever. But not anymore—I take a multi-vitamin, these oil ones, and valerian at nighttime. I can really see a change.”
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sarah leon, w magazine web editor

“A few things: I know I should just drink less coffee, but I've tried that and it's not possible. Instead, I match every cup of coffee with at least two supplemental cups of water on top of the eight I try to have anyway. Might not be a health tip, but it's a tip for being less unhealthy. Also, skip the champagne at presentations or after-parties. Nothing causes a worse hangover—or prevents attending a morning show—quite like the bubbly.”
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may kwok, dj

“Take the time out of your busy NYC schedules and exercise a few times a week. It makes a world of difference.”
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