My beach essentials: Anna Jerström

The designer of Calavera, the chic line of no-budge bikinis and bathing suits, offers a peek inside her summer bag.

A self-professed adrenaline junkie, you won’t find Anna Jerström working on her tan this summer. After all, staying active is the whole basis behind her LA-based line of sexy, wont-fall-off swimsuits. “I go where the surf is,” she says. “Waves tend to be best early in the morning, before the wind picks up, so I like to be on the water as the sun rises.”

Her favorite local break: El Porto, just north of Manhattan Beach. “The waves tend to be bigger and a little faster than other beaches in LA,” she says. Summer morning sessions are usually followed by an afternoon of chilling and drawing new designs until the wind dies down and it’s time to paddle out again. “Days like that are filled with the purest form of happiness for me,” she says. In between sketching swimsuits and catching waves, Jerström shared her ultimate summer essentials: