My healthy: Yael Alkalay

How the on-the-go CEO of wholesome beauty line Red Flower stays fit and in the flow.

What sustains the original guru of sustainable beauty? A mindful lifestyle that matches the ultra-chic, environmentally conscious brand she created back in 1999—long before it was trendy.

“My days can be so busy and yoga is my time to focus on myself. I think of fitness the same way I think of creating new products for Red Flower—whatever you do for working out or what you put on your body should benefit both the internal and external,” says Alkalay, who practices ashtanga all year and adds kundalini in the winter. The grounding, mind-clearing effects provide more energy for play time with her daughter and similarly green-inclined hubby (he’s a leed-certified architect) when she’s not sourcing wild-crafted, organic botanicals for her biodegradable body washes, petal-strewn candles and perfumes. Here, a few other finds she relies on for renewal.

ito en tea

"I drink Japanese green tea from Ito En. Their iced sencha shots are addicting. I also drink a lot of mugicha tea, hot or cold. It’s an excellent alternative to coffee for a caffeine fix—and it contains lots of Vitamin B."
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coola sunscreen

"I love this sun-protection brand. I make sure to apply it anytime I’m outside walking around. Walking is another form of exercise for me, I walk my dog Domino all over the city."
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common projects black leather low lace-ups

"My new favorite sneakers are by Common Projects. My husband is the runner in the family and these aren’t running trainers, but they’re great for walking around the city and to-and-from yoga."
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sun hat

"I’m always wearing a hat to protect my skin from the sun. There’s this great hat shop on Thompson Street that has a really good selection."
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bioron arnica cream

"I always have some of this in my bag to relieve my sore muscles after working out."
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no.6 clogs

"I live in these—they provide amazing support for my back. I have a knee injury and any shoes that provide some comfort are a plus."
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red flower illuminating rose collagen renewal face serum

"My latest obsession. It’s packed with ingredients that feed the skin from the inside out and provides an immediate boost of radiance. I apply it all day every day, but it’s especially good after showering post-workout because it gives your complexion the most beautiful glow."
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