The 5 arm balances you must master

Yoga instructor Dylan Werner shares his advice for perfecting these power poses.

Fitness lends itself to quantifiable goals: a time to beat, a weight to lift, a distance to reach. But there's also artistry involved, and the opportunity to cultivate a skill and become a master. So when a challenge comes along that’s as difficult to nail as it is awesome-looking, it’s almost impossible for an insatiable athlete to resist. Hence the surging popularity of arm balances, yoga-inspired poses that require an impressive combination of strength, balance and focus—and happen to look amazing on Instagram feeds.

LA-based Equinox yoga instructor Dylan Werner has become something of a posterboy for the arm-balance movement, and while he was initially drawn to the balances as "fancy tricks," he says he now uses them to find a meditative state: "It's exciting—you can find your own perfect place of equilibrium and homeostasis where everything feels right." In the slideshow above, Werner shares shares his secrets to mastering all sorts of arm poses, from entry-level-plus to expert.

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