My healthy: Camilla Blackett

How the TV scribe survives the snacking black hole known as a writers' room.

Along with comfortable chairs, most L.A. writers' rooms come equipped with a fully-stocked pantry. Sugary drinks, trays of carbs, and processed snacks galore are an everyday reality—one that Camilla Blackett, an L.A.-by-way-of-London TV comedy writer for the upcoming Fresh Off The Boat and formerly of New Girland The Newsroom does her best to avoid altogether. "Being in a writers' room is tough when they literally pay a person to sabotage your waistline all day. This person is called a Writer's PA and, make no mistake, this 22-year-old USC graduate will re-stock that Cheetos supply at least three times a day. Both flavors! Which is why I pack my own protein snacks to avoid that trap." Read on for the musts that keep her healthy and happy while she works around the clock.

almond milk

"I make my own because I’m really bougie and it’s also very easy. I soak almonds in filtered water overnight. Then I blend with a hand blender, strain through a milk-nut bag (which you can buy at any hardware store), and add a little honey, cinnamon, and whatever else I'm liking at that moment. It is so much creamier than the stuff you buy in shops. Plus, it doesn’t have any of the thickeners and weird ingredients you can’t pronounce."
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trader joe’s organic virgin coconut oil

"In addition to cooking, I use this as a moisturizer and bath oil. I add rose oil so that I don’t smell entirely like a macaroon."

custom insoles

"I developed an injury from wearing the wrong shoes and it stopped me from running for nearly one year (I’ll never wear another pair of ballet flats for as long as I live!) Now I have a pair of custom insoles made by a podiatrist. Incidentally, podiatrists offices are a great place to meet seniors."

kitchenaid hand blender

"I honestly use this every day! It is my go-to for making almond milk, morning protein smoothies, and salad dressings. There’s too much oil and sugar in the shop-bought brands that it almost negates the point of eating a bloody salad in the first place! Truly, my epitaph shall read 'WTF?! But I Ate So Much Kale!'"
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nak'd bars

"I have them sent over from the U.K. My favorite is the Cocoa Mint flavor. Dates, cashews, cocoa powder, and mint. Simple, delicious, and richer and denser than a brownie without the prerequisite self-loathing."
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terrycloth sweatbands

"I train six times per week with a combo of reformer pilates, interval running, and circuits. I do not glow, I sweat profusely. These are the only things that make it acceptable for me to exercise in public."
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vita coco cafe latte

"But only with vodka mixed in. It has everything you need; caffeine, electrolytes, and a solid buzz!"
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