Unzipped: Earth tu Face

Herbalists Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm give us a peek inside their gym bags.

Sarah Buscho and Marina Storm, the herbalists behind the California-based beauty brand Earth tu Face, believe that you should never put on your skin what you wouldn’t put in your mouth. This means their products are packed with good stuff—100 percent plant-based, food grade ingredients they’ve handpicked to help heal your skin. (Previously, the two worked as producers for Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse restaurant.) The results are so heavenly; we can’t get enough of these earth-friendly, yet luxurious, products. (The rosemary salt lotion and their skin stick should be mainstays in everyone’s beauty routine.)

We turned to the experts to see what their go-to wellness essentials are, for sweat sessions (they opt to take it outdoors with their dogs) and everything in between.

earth tu face travel kit

"It has all the essentials I need to shower on the go after a yoga class. Face wash, skin serum and body butter."—Sarah
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summer bummer gym bag

"This is my durable catch-all made entirely in LA."—Marina
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earth tu face rose + aloe toning mist

"Perfect after-sun and sweat refresher."—Sarah
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bkr glass water bottle

"The water is in glass so it tastes great even in hot temperatures and I don't have to worry about creating trash or ingesting plastic byproducts."—Sarah
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earth tu face skin stick

"It does everything. It's my multipurpose healing salve I use on my lips or any raw patch of skin. A perfect all-in-one."—Marina
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found my animal dog leash

"Best leashes around. I clip them cross-body to save my hands for hiking off trail with my dog."—Sarah
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homemade herbal protein bars

"A great little protein blast with extra herbal nutrients to have on the go."—Marina

chia lemon or strawberry water

"I soak chia seeds and chopped lemons (or strawberries) in water all day. It creates a cooling and refreshing drink that deeply hydrates."—Sarah

earth tu face face serum

"One or two drops gives me plenty of moisture. The carrot seed extract is one of natures best nature sun protectors."—Marina
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earthin canteen water bottle

"Keeps water cool and fresh, zero plastic included."—Marina
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