The South Beach body

Watch trainer Vanessa Marrero sculpt the Miami neighborhood's signature and sexy physique.

There’s nothing superficial about the South Beach body: It’s incredibly strong, fit, and well-balanced. The fact that it happens to wear a swimsuit well—well, that’s just a fringe benefit.

According to Brickell-based Tier 2 trainer Vanessa Marrero, the key to developing the region’s sought-after body type is incorporating intense full-body routines that have a lower-body focus. “Living in South Florida, I see so many clients who want to tone and firm their legs and glutes while simultaneously developing that tight core,” she says.

Her answer: The routine she showcases in the video above. “Although this routine uses only your body weight, it will challenge you to push past your limits, which is how change happens,” she says. “Through a combination of plyometric training and high-intensity interval training, you’ll target muscles that you cannot reach via isolated movements in a gym, plus you’ll keep your heart rate elevated. This will help shed fat and keep your muscles looking tight and toned.”

Before attempting this routine, Marrero recommends a warm-up. “Stretch and mobilize your hips and quads, in particular,” she says. She also suggests performing some movements similar to those in the routine, like stationary body weight squats, lunges, and more, which will help activate the muscle groups you’ll use in the circuit. And if you are so lucky, take it to the beach: “For the jumping exercises, you should remember to land softy with each rep. If not careful this routine can become taxing on your knees—which is why it's best to perform in sand, grass, or softer surface.”

Perform 3 to 5 rounds, resting for 1 minute between rounds and for 10 to 15 seconds between exercises. Below, the circuit:

20 Squat Kicks

10 Jabs Into Power Jumps

20 Walking Lunges

20 Curtsy Squats

10 Frog Jumps

20 Walking Side Squats With Pulses

10 Moving Push-Ups

20 Ab Rowers

20 Jackknives

Watch the video above, then consult the complete move descriptions.

Directed by Mike Rosenthal; Art Direction + Stylist Ashley Heckman