7 nutrients you should be eating

...but probably aren't.

For much of the past decade, the measure of a healthy diet was whether it had the right amounts of specific, high-value nutrients. Think about the push to get protein with every meal and to keep an eye on your iron intake. That focus did two things: It emphasized lab-made supplements such as protein powder and green pills, while de-emphasizing the need for whole foods. And, in doing so, it also overlooked smaller nutrients that don't appear on nutrition labels, but that are still essential to optimal health.

There's been a move among some health experts to stop agonizing over grams of iron and protein, a mindset known as 'nutritionism,' and instead recommend a diet filled with a variety of whole foods, especially plants, explains Drew Ramsey, MD, a New York-based psychiatrist, farmer and author of Eat Complete. This mindset shift helps ensure that you're getting all of the under-appreciated nutrients you may be inadvertently ignoring. Click here to learn a few of the less headline-grabbing nutrients and ways to incorporate them into your next meal.

Photography by Christine Han

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