The gear that blocks the sun

4 SPF saviors that put summer on burn notice.

The warm weather is officially here to stay. But hitting the pool, a backyard BBQ or the beach doesn’t mean you have to get roasted. These UV blockers—from clothing to gadgets—use cutting-edge tech to banish cancer-causing (and aging) rays. Upgrade your summer with these sun-smart style essentials:

the hat

A fedora’s wide brim protects your face from ultraviolet rays. Look for breathable straw or cotton versions to prevent overheating. This ultra light version has a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) 50+ certified sun rating, is un-crushable in a suitcase and looks good on everyone.
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the hoodie

Throw on this light-weight hoodie on an early summer morning for a UPF of 50, compared to a regular shirt’s UPF of 5 to 8. The fabric is made from Australian eucalyptus, which helps wick away sweat and keeps you cool.
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the sunglasses

Most sunnies are made with breakable (and easy-to-scratch) plastic lenses. Otis Eyewear has a California surfer vibe and uses eco-friendly mineral glass in its newest models that's scratch-resistant and provides 100 percent UV protection.
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the swim shirt

It’s like a rash guard, only chicer: This flattering shirt, designed by a former Vogue editor, is made from lightweight imported Italian nylon that’s rated UPF 50+ both in and out of the water. Pair it with bikini bottoms, shorts or jeans.
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