3 healthy cocktails for New Year's Eve

Fit bodies can ring in the New Year with these mezcal drinks.

Gin and tonics are fine for a dinner party, but a bash on December 31st calls for something more. Fit bodies can reflect on the past year and toast the new one with with healthy cocktails featuring mezcal—a smoky spirit made from agave.

“There are more and more quality mezcals available these days, which is contributing to its popularity,” says Billy Helmkamp, co-owner of The Whistler, a cocktail bar in Chicago that’s also a favorite spot for New Year’s Eve dancing. “Drinkers are approaching it the same way they approach scotch, appreciating the terroir and nuance found in each one.”

Just in time for the festivities, Helmkamp shares three mezcal recipes that will impress guests at a New Year's Eve soiree.

fresh juiced apple and mezcal

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cocaine cobra

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mezcal last word

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