How to stay fit at major film festivals

From Tribeca to SXSW to Sundance, here are the best outdoor workout options in each host city.

Film festivals can be exhausting considering that in addition to the films themselves, they are crammed with social activities, after-hours nightlife, and a range of conferences, lectures, and presentations. “Everything about film festivals is excess,” says Marti Hines, film producer and co-founder of Wanderluxxe, a luxury travel curator that provides high-end, all-access experiences to major film festivals, with celebrity clients like Jamie King and Jonathan Keltz. “It’s not considered a festival event if there isn’t a full buffet and open bar. Your waistline will pay the price if you don’t find the time to get in a few workouts.” Wanderluxxe clients are naturally fitness-minded and health-conscious, and they constantly request fitness activities, like private yoga instructors and snowboarding excursions. The company will also customize running routes for clients upon request.

But even if you’re traveling on your own, many film festivals conveniently take place in cities known for outdoor activities, where you can get active while exploring the destination’s best highlights (à la Adrien Grenier skiing Park City’s famed slopes). Here are five film festivals where should squeeze time for each city’s most popular outdoor activities.

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