3 new brands to watch

All Fenix, Filippa K, and Wone are all shaking up the activewear space.

Ever since the activewear everywhere trend took off and people started pairing their leggings with heels and track jackets with skirts, the competition between brands in the space has made it hard for newer companies to break out. So when one is able to transcend the noise and make an exceptional product, it’s noteworthy. Such is the case with All Fenix, Filippa K, and Wone, three new brands whose unique styles and carefully-curated collections have made them the ones to watch. Below, Furthermore spoke to designers from all three companies about what it’s like to break into the competitive activewear market, from where they draw inspiration from, and more.

q&a: georgia sackville, all fenix founder

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q&a: karin hellners, filippa k designer

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q&a: kristin hildebrand, wone founder

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