48 hours in Bhutan

Where to stay

Be one of the first guests at Six Senses Bhutan, a collection of five lodges throughout the country. Its property in the capitol, Thimphu, has sweeping views of the valley and a central location for daytrips. There’s a spa and wellness center, plus rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows.

For a more intimate experience, check into Zhiwa Ling Ascent, the first Bhutanese-owned five-star hotel in the country. Located just outside of Thimphu’s city center, the 45-room property is decorated with hand-carved furniture, colorful paintings, and red-and-yellow silks. It also features a temple, where you can hear monks chanting throughout the day.

Day 1

Start with breakfast at the hotel. Both offer fresh, made-to-order local dishes, like momos (dumplings) or red rice.

Choose your afternoon adventure

For a traditional Bhutanese meal, head to Babesa Village, a restaurant in a century-old building. Order the ribs and lom (dried turnip leaf).

Day 2

Start the day with coffee and an omelet at Ambient Cafe, a stomping ground for expats.

Choose your afternoon adventure

After the long day of exploring, head to Como Uma Paro, a luxury hotel. Its spa includes two private Bhutanese bathhouses and nine villas for therapies, such as hot stone massages. After you’re relaxed, have dinner at its restaurant, Bukhari. Choose from their Bhutanese dishes, such as a riverweed and egg drop soup, or Indian ones, including saffron rice and a vegetable curry.

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