A night of clean-enough food

Fifty-plus guests enjoyed a plant-based menu from Katzie Guy-Hamilton's new cookbook.

Food shouldn’t be fussy. That was the resounding message at a private event in New York City on Wednesday night, where more than 50 guests gathered for a globally inspired meal complete with Tunisian condiments, Persian eggplant, and seasonal British dessert served with tea from House of Waris Tea and Spice.

Katzie Guy-Hamilton, food and beverage director for Equinox, designed and crafted the menu entirely from Clean Enough, her new cookbook that pays homage to the back-to-basics approach to food. “The simplicity of eating real food is the foundation to anyone’s healthy diet,” she says. “[This event] promotes people coming together and eating clean food with interesting flavors from around the world.”

With dimmed lights, natural table decor, and bartenders at the ready, Guy-Hamilton kicked the meal off with a demo, showing the guests how to prepare harissa. The Tunisian condiment is made with cumin seed, coriander, turmeric, black garlic, red onion, and red pepper.

What followed was a night of food, drinks, conversation, and celebration. Here, a collection of highlights from the evening.

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